jueves, 7 de agosto de 2008

How to serve a Weissbier.

Wheat beer enjoyment: The fine art of pouring Weissbier

If you keep your beer in the fridge, make sure that the bottle is stored in a vertical position - preferably at a temperature of 8°C.

If the bottle is laid flat, the yeast can slide down when the bottle is opened, causing a sudden release of carbon dioxide and too much froth when pouring out the beer. And that can ruin your whole wheat beer enjoyment!

Once the beer's chilled correctly, here's the classic method of pouring Weissbier into the appropriate wheat beer glass.

Step 1:

First rinse the glass well in cold water. By the way: never put wheat beer glasses into the dishwasher - traces of aggressive detergent on the glass will make even the frothiest head collapse.

Step 2:

Hold the glass at a slight angle and pour the beer in slowly along the side of the glass. Don't empty the bottle though - leave about a finger's width at the bottom.

Step 3:

The yeast is still missing - together with the other ingredients, the yeast is essential to give the beer its true flavor.

Step 4:

Swirl the bottle gently in order to agitate the yeast. Then pour the remaining beer into the glass.

Step 5:

The yeast is now evenly distributed throughout the glass and helps form the perfect frothy head - now comes the moment of complete wheat beer enjoyment!


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