miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2009

Jug for transporting beer

Ref: National Museums Scotland H.MEM 92
Date: Between 1630 and 1700
Material: Pottery
Dimensions: 250 mm H x 95 mm Dia (Rim); 115 mm Dia (Base)


This jug is from the site of a post-Medieval kiln at Throsk in Stirlingshire. Large quantities of earthenware vessels were produced at Throsk, especially large jugs which may have been used for transporting beer and ale.

The jug is largely complete. It is straight- necked and its rim is turned outwards.

By the early 17th century several families were involved in producing pottery, tiles and bricks in the Throsk area. They took advantage of local supplies of carse clay, and peat and coal for fuel.


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